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Meet Our Management Team

Experienced and Strategic

From the moment you contact our Thousand Oaks, Southern California office, you can rest assured that PLMC & Associates will maintain the highest degree of professionalism. Schedule a free one hour consultation and see how we can help.

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Cynthia's journey to her true passion began early in her career. While in law school, she gained invaluable experience by working as a legal secretary and paralegal for several midsize and large firms in Southern California. Despite having the opportunity to become an attorney, Cynthia's heart was set on law firm management, recognizing her natural interest and talent in this field.

Post-law school, Cynthia's professional path led her through law firms of all sizes across California. Her roles ranged from Firm Administrator and CFO to COO, allowing her to accumulate extensive expertise in human resource management, helping firms establish robust office policies, procedures, and employee handbooks. She also contributed hands-on experience in the comprehensive growth of law firms, from office relocations and build-outs to recruitment and employee retention. Cynthia's dedication knows no bounds as she selflessly leads law firms to tremendous success with pride and unwavering commitment.

In 2003, armed with her work experience, a new certification in Law Firm Management, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering determination, Cynthia embarked on her journey to assist law firms of all sizes in achieving their growth and strategic goals. This vision led to the foundation of PLMC & Associates.

Cynthia's credentials include being a Six Sigma Champion Certified with a White Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and a Six Sigma Green Belt. She actively participates in the legal community as a member of the American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Division, where she serves as an Associate Editor of the ABA LP Magazine and as the Co-Chairperson of the ABA Law Practice Division Lawyer Leadership and Management Committee and the 2023-2024 Chairperson of the ABA TECHSHOW.


Cynthia also holds positions as a board member of ABA GPSolo Magazine and the GLA ALA Magazine Board. She is an accomplished author, a sought-after speaker, and a trusted coach, guiding firms toward best practices in office administration and managemen


Driven by a deep passion for art, Michaelbrandon embarked on his artistic journey at the tender age of four. His creative pursuits have traversed a diverse range of mediums, from charcoal drawings to captivating oil paintings. This early dedication to his craft garnered Michaelbrandon numerous awards and honors before he embarked on a formal education at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.

At the Academy of Arts, Michaelbrandon delved into the world of illustration and design, honing his creative talents across various disciplines, such as photography, graphic design, and video production. But his artistic inclinations don't stop there. His innate talents extend to the realm of music and sound engineering, where his abilities shine brightly.

Today, Michaelbrandon is dedicated to empowering our clients with his exceptional graphic design and visual tools, enabling their brands and marketing strategies to effortlessly surpass the competition. His multifaceted expertise is an invaluable asset to the creative world and those fortunate enough to work with him.

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